LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008 English<->Albanian for Windows

LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008 English<->Albanian for Windows 4.1

Translate words in English and Albanian, get synonyms and hear them pronounced!
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If you are looking for an easy-to-use, affordable, lightweight and full featured application for language learning and translation tasks, LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 may be your answer. With an extremely intuitive and easy-to-use interface and a quick access system tray icon, LingvoSoft Dictionary becomes a complete solution. This solution you can assemble by buying parts (modules) of two languages at a time, according to your languages needs. If you prefer, you can buy the solution as a whole, but there are rare situations when you would need to have all languages available. For example, if you are an Albanian native speaker and need to translate words to English or you want to learn English, you will buy the module presented here, LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary 2008 English <-> Persian (Farsi) for Windows, containing those languages only. This modular application is designed to run on Windows based computers, but you can use it on Linux or Macintosh based systems by running a Windows emulator.
As mentioned before, there are several characteristics that make this software a very convenient one, but there’s one that is the most remarkable of all: this is a talking dictionary. What does it mean? It means that this tool will pronounce the words on the database, recorded by native speakers, so you make sure to learn the correct pronunciation of each word. This way, you will learn the words meanings, their writing and pronunciation. LingvoSoft Dictionary 2008 for Windows is fully integrated with LingvoSoft FlashCards and LingvoSoft PhraseBook, other language resources and tools developed by the same producer. You can easily select and export words from the dictionary to the FlashCards database or find phrases with the word in PhraseBook.
Even the purchasing process was made simple for this piece of software. You can begin to try the application with its trial version, downloadable from the developer’s site on Internet. Each time you run this version of the software, a registration dialog will offer you to purchase the license. You can either continue the trial period by hitting the “Register later” button, or you can buy the license online by hitting the “Purchase” button.
The trial has a database limitation instead of functional limitation. This is great because you can use all the functions available and get to know the software completely. How does it work the database limitation? Well, it’s pretty simple. While being a trail version user, you will have available only the 10% of the words of the full database. This is an adequate amount of words to know the tool but not enough for a real use. LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary requires that the languages of the dictionary are installed on your computer. If they're not, you should install them before installing LingvoSoft Talking Dictionary to avoid errors. Anyway, before buying this software take a moment to check the following system requirements list out and compare it with your system:
• Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
• 16 MB of free space on the hard disk
• at least 64 MB of system memory
• sound card
LingvoSoft has made the simplicity a priority. That’s why the interface of this tool is very intuitive and extremely easy to use. You won’t need extra help to learn the basics of this soft, but you will have available a complete help file installed with the program if you want to take a look at it. One window gathers everything you will need. A tool bar at the top with quick access to the main functions (maybe all you will use), an input line to type in the words you want to translate and learn, a word list section displaying the words in the database matching the query in the input line, and a translation section giving the translation of the word.
Let’s briefly see the functions you access from the Basic Functions Toolbar:
- Translation direction: changes the direction for translation.
- Say: use to listen to the pronunciation of the selected word.
- Add word: use to add the highlighted word to the User Dictionary.
- Word for word translation: Use to translate text word by word.
- Synonyms: opens the window with synonyms for the current word.
- POFS filter: opens the POFS filter window.
- Increase letter size: increases letter size in Input Line, List of Entries and in the Window for Articles.
- Decrease letter size: decreases letter size in Input Line, Wordlist and in the Window for Articles.
- Help: opens product Help.
As mentioned before, this product is available to be purchased on the developer’s site on Internet for only $ 49.95, and you can try it before all the time you need but with the database limitation.

Lionel Mira
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  • You can buy it online
  • It's a lightweight application
  • You can hear the correct pronunciation of words


  • Each piece includes only two languages at a time
  • The trial limits the database to the 10%
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